More than 15 years of expertise as business partner and venture capital investment for different sectors and industries.

“Always search for your satisfaction.”

It is important for me to continue what I believe to be my personal mission and purpose in life and that is to provide a place where authentic communication and programming can connect people and bridge cultures. Through media, technology, and story-telling, I believe that there could be a shift for positive change in the world.

When I began Matrices, back in 2017, I believe in my team of professionals who are experts on their field and are highly motivated to entrust my name.

I feel that we can help foster the new companies in the State of Qatar through what I call the “NOW-GENERATION” with younger and active Business team taking hold of their passions and channeling them to a place where true focus and change can occur to reach internationally.

Through a variety of learned lessons and repeated solutions, I have been forced through a tunnel of professional transformation, with a broadening shift and a continued commitment to do my very professional best, to make a difference in the world Through our home State of Qatar.


Mr. Essa AlSomitte




  • More than 15 years of expertise in variable practical experience in Engineering Constructionand Consulting
  • MS Project management, AutoCAD, Autodesk inventor professional 2014, PMP Qualification course (TCARAB) , Soft skills andTime Management (KPMG)

“It is an honor for me to lead Matrices for Integrated”


Services along with a skilled team of professionals who understand the true value of teamwork and dedication. At Matrices, we aim to fulfil our promise of quality to ensure that anyone involved in the project looks at the conclusive results with pride.

Matrices work closely with project stakeholders to achieve common goal. We strongly deliver our client’s expectations with exceeding performance quality through teamwork and collaboration from our team of experts. This makes Matrices unique.

Matrices team members are up-to-date about the world’s latest business and technological methods. We recognize learning as a lifelong process and seize every opportunity to advance our knowledge and skills.


Eng. Mohamed Ibrahim